Review on ‘Dr. Carnage’s World of Terror’

Doctor Carnage
“This film has everything any horror fan looks for. Scares, a dark atmosphere, lots of blood and a very talented group both in front and behind the camera. The acting is natural, never over the top, and comes across as believable. The setting of the movie is dark, unsettling and is almost a character in itself, giving the movie even more life. The gore in the movie is free flowing and very well done. The Cemetery definitely contains some of the best effects seen in modern cinema. Films such as this certainly make a huge case for the pluses of prosthetic effects as opposed to CGI.

Adam Ahlbrandt certainly doesn’t allow any forms of reassurance or comfort in his movies, assaulting the viewers senses and eyeballs with scene after scene of gritty violence and perversion. Horror really is horror where Adversary films are concerned. With both Cross Bearer, and now The Cemetery, Adam Ahlbrandt is definitely a name for all horror fans to watch out for, as he really does have a firm grasp of what is scary, horiffic and he certainly knows how to make a really good horror movie.”

See full review HERE!


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